Stormy Weekend on Tap: Watching Friday night and Sunday night

Two distinct system will push through our region, with Sunday looking like the more potent of the two at this point

  • The heat will be cranked up Wednesday as southerly winds and the backside of a high pressure system will feed energy into the region
  • Humidity thankfully wont be too much of an issue like it was Monday, so the shade should offer some relief from today’s heat

  • Forecast guidance computer models are having a tough time with temperature forecasts lately: They’re under-doing dry days and over-doing more humid days with the temperatures
  • Wyoming could easily see numbers in the mid 90s today, with the particularly dry air that will be in place.
  • East of the Black Hills will see slightly lower temperatures

  • A red flag warning was issued for Sheridan county Wyoming, yesterday given the breezy conditions and low humidity values.
  • No such warnings are on tap today… as of yet. Relative humidity will be in the teens for portions of Wyoming but thankfully winds should be rather calm
  • As we see more dry and sunny days we will need to stay vigilant, however. You don’t need a red flag warning to practice good fire safety habits in the field

  • The regime of sunshine will continue for Thursday across the region, with slightly cooler temperatures and a slight Northerly Breeze
  • Clouds will be on the increase starting Thursday night in Wyoming and working its way towards the Black Hills by early Friday morning
  • From Friday morning onwards we’re talking unsettled conditions, isolated storms will creep back into the forecast starting Friday afternoon.

  • Two main system of concern will come through this weekend, the first moving through Friday night and the second Sunday night.
  • these will be associated with rigorous support from upper level dynamics – our friend the jet stream.
  • A swift uppercut will support rising motion, so we finally have the match we’ve been missing over the last week or so.
  • We’ll update storm timelines and expected impacts as we get a little closer, but so far the trend has been a rising chance of strong, to possibly even severe weather.

Stay tuned, September is a wild ride in the Northern Plains. Looking at the record books we have temperatures that have stretched from the 100s to the 30s in Rapid City, so anything goes for the next couple weeks. Stay vigilant, and keep an eye out for a few good storms before we roll into pumpkin spice season.

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