Storms slam Sturgis causing flooding and significant damage

STURGIS, S.D. — Just as Sturgis was recovering from the heavy winter it was slammed with thunderstorms that have left the community flooded and debris ridden.

“We have reported anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain that hit us over the course of the storm period. It’s a significant amount of rain in a very short amount of time on the ground that was of course already incredibly saturated,” said Daniel Anslie, the Sturgis City Manager.

The stormwater trickled down from the Deadwood/Lead area and came to a halt in Sturgis. Streets are closed, cross paths have collapsed, and basements are flooded.

State Highway 34 is closed going towards Fort Meade due to dangerous conditions on and around the s-curves.

Although it may not look dangerous where the closure signs are, further down the road the flooding is severe enough for people to become trapped in their vehicles, or worse.

 “The city park is closed and will be for quite some time there is damage and debris that is kind of littering our city park as well as our soccer and field areas,” said Ainslie.

It is expected that most of the debris will be cleared by the end of the week, but the road damage from heavy flooding may take months, depending on the weather.

 “We’re continuing to monitor the weather. At this point in time it’s probably not going to take a whole lot of rain in the near future, or runoff, to induce the flooding again,” said Rick Bush with Public Works.

A total cost of damages has yet to be determined.


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