Stockgrowers Convention underway in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota Stockgrowers Annual Convention and Trade Show is underway in Rapid City.

The association is one of the oldest organizations in South Dakota, promoting independent livestock producers in the state.

The convention at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn is an opportunity for local producers to meet and get updates on latest legislation regarding meat production.

Organizers say they’re pleased with the turnout, amid the pandemic.

South Dakota Stockgrowers President, Scott Edoff said, “I thought the COVID may kinda hamper the attendance, but it seems like the attendance was strong, it’s right up there where it always is. So we have a very good attendance.”

Country of origin labeling continues to be a major concern for local producers with representatives from Wall Meat speaking about processing during COVID-19.

“I think this virus has really exposed a lot of faults in our large packing trade for sure,” said District 7 Director, Chance Anderson. “If you had to pay for eight or nine dollar hamburgers that you had no idea where it came from, that’s when a lot of people started looking to ranchers and small local processors that are knowledgeable in the industry and could tell them exactly what they were getting, and people found some comfort in that.”

Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden and Ag Secretary Hunter Roberts were in attendance on day one.

The convention wraps up on Saturday.

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