Steve Duffy announces candidacy for District 32

Steve DuffyRAPID CITY, S.D. — Steve Duffy has announced his bid to run for District 32 in the South Dakota House of Representatives.

The long-time businessman made the announcement March 14 after several current and former Republican leaders from around the state encouraged him to run for the seat. Rep. Chris Johnson currently holds the seat but has announced that he would not seek re-election.

“I’ve watched the legislature up close for the last three years and believe I can make a difference,” says Duffy. “I have worked with so many small businesses over a 40-year career in Rapid City and am a small business owner myself. There are many challenges and risks for these self-reliant job creators. As a small business owner, I always found it easier to do business with free-market policies in place that promote sensible economic growth.”

Duffy worked 23 years as a television advertising executive and sales manager, and he also managed South Dakota Cable and now owns several rental properties.

“If elected, it would be an honor to serve my city and state, promoting economic growth, balancing business interests with quality-of-life issues, always striving to keep the tax burden low.” Duffy continues, “This includes good-paying jobs, work-force housing, reliable transportation, quality education and much more.”

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