Staying prepared for winter weather

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It’s never too late to be reminded of ways to stay safe during a winter storm.

Travel can be treacherous and conditions can vary vastly from point A to point B. That’s why you should always be prepared with food, blankets and water in the car. If you do get stuck call 9-1-1 and avoid leaving your car, but be mindful of your exhaust pipe.

“If you do get stuck and you keep that car running continuously you want to make sure your exhaust isn’t packed down in there because it could be dangerous to you,” said Sgt. Randy Harkins, Pennington County Sheriffs Office.

Heed any travel advisories so as to avoid causing harm to yourself and others. Should the weather keep you at home all day there are other safety precautions to take. If you plan on using a space heater for warmth be sure to NOT plug them into power strips, keep them at least three feet away from anything else and consider switches that turn them off automatically.

“People they walk out they forget to unplug or turn them off and they come home and their house is burned down so having those automatic switches is important,” said Steven Monteforte, PIO, Piedmont Fire Department.

And if your power goes out, report it.

“We have field crews on call 24/7 so during the day, after hours that have vehicles ready to go as soon as the outage comes in,” said Marc Eyre, Director of Electric Operations.

Power may not return immediately, so be patient. Black Hills Energy has provided a Step by Step guide on what to do when you experience and unexpected outage. Black Hills Energy Ready

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