Staying fit during quarantine

Rapid City,  S.D. — Gyms often fill up at the start of the new year with many people hoping to get their desired bodies in time for summer, but what happens when the gyms are shutdown?

While gyms and personal trainers may have been forced to close their doors, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped working. Although many people still utilize the likes of Beach Body and Zumba, others still look forward to more personalized classes and training.

Like many businesses running from home these days, gyms and trainers are getting social with their workouts. From home gyms, to live streaming, and working out, living healthy has never been more accessible.

Heidi Pullman, the owner of Barre Forte said, 

“Once we shut down the studio a couple of weeks ago, we immediately went to live streaming. So, we offer two classes a day that are broadcast live, and so our clients log in and take classes from home. You can use whatever you have at home, a light set of weight, we even tell them to use something like canned goods or maybe wine bottles to use as their weights and a chair and you can do everything from home.”

Personal trainers are also getting in on the social craze. From posting personal workouts on sites such as Instagram and Facebook, the fitness community is covering it all.

Of course, nutrition cannot be neglected, and some trainers are even giving tips for healthier eating not only for a healthy weight, but also for the immune system. Kelsey Horton, a Registered Nurse said, 

“Biggest thing though, if you’re trying to get that summer body, abs, like they say, are made in the kitchen. So, while we’re in quarantine boredom is a huge part of that, it’s gonna be a lot of people’s instinct to just kinda eat through the boredom. I would just recommend maybe taking a big glass of water first and seeing if that doesn’t cure the hunger or curb the hunger a little bit first.”

Adults aren’t the only ones who can get in on the action, this time at home is great for getting the kids and family active, even if workouts need to be amended. This flexibility is just one more way the community is coming together at large to establish healthy habits.

“We’ve had a lot of our clients tell us that this is the only thing keeping them sane during this kinda crazy time, so it brings a little normalcy to their lives and we enjoy doing it too,” said Pullman.

Horton, who is also a personal trainer, has given a few examples of exercises that can be done at home.

Beginner Workout

  1. Squat jumps 3×15
  2. Walking lunges 3×40 seconds (with or without overhead weight)
  3. Box step ups 3×40 seconds
  4. Burpees 3×20 seconds
  5. Plank 3×30-35 seconds

For a more challenging work out do the following with as many repetitions as possible in 15 minutes

  1. 10 push ups
  2. 10 box jumps
  3. 200 m row or runs

Horton’s favorite smoothie recipe

Macros: 152 calories

Carbs: 5g fat Fat: 4.5g Protein: 23g


  1. 8oz unsweeted vanilla almond milk
  2. 1 scoop Universal whey protein
  3. 4-6 oz  of ice

Optional: Frozen fruit and/or half a package of sugar free pudding any flavor (creates a thickened milkshake like consistency)


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