State Robotics Competition draws 30 South Dakota High Schools

BOX ELDER, S.D. — The South Dakota State Robotics Competition was held at Douglas High School on February 26, West River for the first time in its 10 year history.

Robotics Competition 130 teams from all over the state competed in the tournament, which has an autonomous and driving component.

“You see a lot of robots stacking different rings on mobile goals, and then some teams go on top of the platforms to score points and then the highest points scored. They win that alliance,” explains Jason Boeding, Career & Tech Education teacher at Douglas High School.

Boeding adds that robotics draws kids out of their comfort zones and builds both critical thinking and social skills.

“Coaches are very laid back. They don’t do much, and it’s really up to them with their skills to compete. So you see a lot of science technical mathematics and a lot of engineering skills going on on a Saturday, which you wouldn’t think a high school kid would be,” he says.

There were six seats for worlds up for grabs, which is held this year in Dallas, Texas.

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