State enters contract with Rosebud Sioux Tribe to expand meth treatment

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Noem announced this week that the Department of Social Services has entered into a contract with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to operate the only Intensive Methamphetamine Treatment Program operated by a tribal treatment program in South Dakota.

Federal, state and tribal leaders discuss the meth epidemic at the Tribe-State Meth Summit in May of 2019. Photo Courtesy of Gov. Noem

The contract is designed to expand treatment services for adults with a severe methamphetamine use disorder who require more intensive treatment and support due to the imminent risk for relapse.

“Meth is a serious issue in South Dakota that not only devastates individuals, but tears apart families,” said Gov. Noem in release. “As we work to expand addiction prevention across the state, I’m thrilled to partner with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in prioritizing treatment services. This partnership will have a tremendous impact on increasing access to services for people struggling with addiction and helping them along the road to recovery.”

The contract comes following demands for more access to methamphetamine treatment services in South Dakota. It will increase the number of providers for Intensive Methamphetamine Treatment to six across the state.

“This contract will go a long way toward helping people beat their meth addiction and return to their jobs and families,” said Department of Social Services Secretary Laurie Gill. “Individuals seeking treatment for a methamphetamine use disorder may be treated at any treatment agency, and the majority may be treated on an outpatient basis in their home community. Individuals with a severe disorder may require long-term treatment to allow for recovery of cognitive capacity and ongoing case management, in addition to treatment, to aid and support recovery.”

Earlier this year, Noem allocated state dollars for meth education and awareness, added four additional meth troopers to South Dakota’s Highway Patrol ranks, and added two Drug and Criminal Investigation agents in order to increase drug enforcement. The Governor plans to launch a targeted meth awareness campaign to expose South Dakotans to the danger of meth use this fall.


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