St. Thomas More football player not slowed down by diabetes

RAPID CITY, S.D. – At 11 years old, Logan Hilt was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

But having the disease has never stopped the St. Thomas More Senior from pursuing his dream of playing football.

Logan Hilt’s football career has certainly had its ups and downs.

He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was in middle school.

“I wasn’t feeling right,” said Logan Hilt. “I was sleeping a ton and my mom just thought something was up. So we went and got tested and it turned out I was a Type I diabetic so.”

Logan said he was concerned on whether or not he could continue playing football.

“I immediately thought about that,” said Hilt. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to play any sports anymore or anything. I didn’t know what that meant for me. But obviously, as it turns out it doesn’t affect me much at all. I’m glad I can keep playing like I am.” 

Instead of viewing diabetes as an obstacle, the St. Thomas More senior has used the condition as a driving force like an opponent that must be defeated.

Over the years Logan has learned to manage his diabetes both on and off the field.

“You usually have to test your blood sugar,” said Hilt. “But what I have its called a CGM, a Constant Glucose Monitor. It’s sitting on my arm actually. What it does, it constantly monitors that while I’m at practice or during a game. So I can read that off my pump and I can see what I’m at.”

St. Thomas More head football coach Wayne Sullivan said he was a little cautious as first.

But education has been a big key for Logan when it comes to controlling his diabetes.

“He’s been very very good when he got into high school especially, what he needed to eat,” said Wayne Sullivan. “Having a snack on the way to practice. Those type of issues. I think the worst part for him was always at the beginning of August when it was hot. There were a couple of times during the time of day of practice when he had to go back to his truck and either get a granola bar or eat something that needed to get his sugar level back up.”

As time has gone on, Logan has come to see his diabetes has a vital part of who he is.

He encourages others to follow their dreams despite having this disease.

“If you have any desire at all to play this sport, play it,” said Hilt. “All you have to do is learn to roll with it. You just have to learn what you want to do and then how you can control it the best way you can. But don’t let it stop you at all. I certainly didn’t and I’m playing great I think.” 

Logan hopes to continue his football career at the collegiate level.

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