Sprockets Fun Foundry brings virtual reality attractions to Keystone

Guarded by an 18-foot robot, Sprockets Fun Foundry brings cutting-edge virtual reality attractions and state-of-the-art arcade games to Keystone.

Sprockets Fun FoundryArcade:

Sprockets offers classic arcade games such as Skee Ball and the Milk Jug Toss. Visitors can purchase a wristband upon entry which will provide access to every machine in the arcade.

Virtual Reality:

Sprockets is home to six virtual reality attractions, some of which have never been available in the United States before.

“This is fully immersive,” said Owner Tom Hagen. “So it has heat and wind and the floor tilts. And when people shoot at you, you feel it. We have a driving game that you sit in, it’ll kind of lift you and twist and does all kinds of things. We have virtual reality laser tag where you can chase each other around. We have another virtual reality that you’re actually standing on the bottom of a ship shooting and it tips the ship and almost feels like you’re going to fall off. And it’s great fun.”

Other Attractions:

Another favorite attraction at Sprockets is Duckpin Bowling which is like typical bowling, just on a smaller scale.

I think the lane’s only 30 some feet long, the pins are smaller. It’s a 4 pound ball. It works out great for little kids because they can throw it and it’s great fun for adults. Yeah it’s a good time,” said Hagen.

Restaurant & Taproom:

Even if you’re not much of a gamer, you can enjoy Sprocket’s restaurant and taproom which features 12 taps from local breweries and a family-friendly menu.

Sprockets Fun Foundry is open year-round and welcomes parties and other events for tourists and locals alike.

For more information about Sprockets Fun Foundry, visit their website here.

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