Spreading awareness of child abuse through the Enough Abuse campaing

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Buckingham ATA martial arts team hosted an Enough Abuse seminar for parents over the weekend. The Enough Abuse campaign is a child sexual abuse prevention program which provides training and educates the community on the signs and indicators of sexual abuse in both children and perpetrators.

It should also be noted, that when reporting child abuse, certain professions are legally obligated to report the abuse to higher authorities.

Dan Wardle, the Education and Referral Development Specialist with the Children’s Home Society says, 

“The mandatory reporter comes from the state law that requires, there s a large number of professions such as law enforcement, social workers, educators, people like that, medical professionals that are mandated to report any type of child abuse, whether it s physical or sexual, to the authorities and the authorities would be either the department of social services, child protective services, or to law enforcement.”

The hope is that the training will give adults the tools needed to report abuse, as well as to open the conversation between parents and children about acceptable and inappropriate behavior. Through the Enough Abuse campaign, adults are learning more about the signs of abuse in order to detect it early and protect the most vulnerable among us.

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