“Sportsbook Deadwood” will be opening its doors the day after Thanksgiving

DEADWOOD, S.D. — South Dakota’s first sportsbook will be coming to the city of Deadwood later this year. The new and appropriately named “Sportsbook Deadwood” will be located in the old “Dicks Hotel” across from the Adams Museum.

The historic Deadwood building is the largest historic structure in Deadwood at 35,000 square feet. The building was purchased in early December by Keating Resources and they’ve announced it’ll be transformed into a sportsbook.

Gerard Keating, CEO of Keating Resources said “so we’re restoring the entire facility. We’ve did it to the brick walls inside and we’re gonna make a fabulous venue with 30 hotel suites on levels 2 through 5.”

Restorations to the structure will include a 7,000 square feet entertainment area that’ll have over 50 4K high-definition televisions with more than 100 custom-designed recliners. Not only will you be able to watch your favorite sports games in style, but when doors open you will be able to bet on them too.

“Well I promise you nowhere in South Dakota where there will be a better venue to go watch a game. I love sports of all kinds so for me wagering is just another way to make it fun.” Said Gerard.

In order to assure you have a spot to sit for the sporting event of your choice you can call ahead and reserve your seat.

Gerard Keating also said “picture that and there’s your recliner, you don’t have to fight anybody, you don’t have to wait. You’ve got it and you and your friends own it and you an be treated like a queen or king and have fun.”

Laws legalizing sports betting will go into effect on July 1st and Sportsbook Deadwood is set to open the day after Thanksgiving.

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