Sports wagering legal July 1, when should you place your bets?

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Sports wagering is officially legal in Deadwood as of  July 1, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to place bets for several months.

“There’s been a lot of interest and I suspect there will be at least 10 of the gaming properties here in Deadwood that will open with sports wagering,” said Deadwood Gaming Association Executive Director, Mike Rodman. “Sports wagering service providers can start submitting their applications to be licensed in South Dakota. And that’s the first step in getting sports wagering moving forward here in South Dakota.”

On July 14, state legislators will meet to decide on the rules of sports betting, and on August 2, the legislative interim rules committee will meet to finalize everything regarding wagering. One proposed rule is the requirement for participants to be in a betting facility to participate, whether that is in person, at a kiosk, or on a mobile device. The Deadwood Mountain Grand is one of the few casinos getting ahead of the rush, and hoping to be operational by the start of football season.

“We started talking about this in May, right after we reopened,” said casino manager, Tyler Nold. “We were really excited about getting our sports book finished and finalized. We knew this summer was going to be a busy summer, we wanted a lot of our customers that are going to be coming through to see what we have as a finished product.”

While casinos and facilities prepare for September, they are already excited for the impact sports wagering will have on the city, and their businesses.

“We know that there will be a boost in alcohol sales, there’ll be a boost in play outside of the sports book slot machines, table games,” said Nold. “Yeah, everything kind of goes up.”

“The Oxford economic study that they did said that we could anticipate 6.2 million in direct sports wagering annually, 152 new jobs in Deadwood, and overall gaming increase of 22 million dollars annual,” said Rodman.

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