Sports Wagering in Deadwood sparks 14-percent jump in revenue for September

In its first month, over $440,000 in sports bets were made in Deadwood.

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Since its inception on September 9, sports betting in Deadwood has taken off.

In the first 22 days, Deadwood has seen a roughly 14 percent increase in total gaming from last September. Last month, over $440,000 in sports wagers were placed.

“The casino one, was about $71,000 and that was with just four properties open and only 22 days, so we think it’s a great first start,” said Mike Rodman, the Executive Director of the Deadwood Gaming Association.

But the buck doesn’t stop there.

Deadwood is seeing more people coming and staying to place their sports bets.

“For the month of September we were up 6,400 room nights and for hotels, our food and beverage sales have been been up, so that’s really what we wanted,” Rodman said.

That revenue is expected to grow with new casinos, like Deadwood Mountain Grand which kicked off its sports betting this week, just in time for Monday Night Football.

With events like Deadweird on the way, that impact could expand with the machines that are up and running.

Sports Betting Month 8

“We were able to really watch the system as it took its first steps and really get to get our bearings about us, so I think that will benefit us going into this weekend,” said Brad Matichak, the Sportsbook Manager, for the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

More options for sports betting in Deadwood could be on the horizon.

The Deadwood Gaming Association is seeking approval from the South Dakota Commission on Gaming for more service providers and the expansion into college sports, parlay, prop and international bets.

“That’s probably what we hear the most of, and that’s probably going to be top on our list when we go to the gaming commission in December,” Rodman said.

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