Sports commission coming to Rapid City

The commission will focus on bringing more opportunities for area businesses as well as youth and amateur sports.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Youth and amateur sports in Rapid City could bring a big boost to local tourism businesses.

The home run? A sports commission that’s coming to the area.

“We’re trying to ramp things up a little bit, across not just the city but the county as well,” said Jon Schmieder, the Founder and CEO of Huddle Up.

The project, headed by Visit Rapid City, brought in the Huddle Up group to consult.

Part of the commission’s goal, bringing tournaments and events during non-peak tourism times for youth sports like cheerleading and other indoor sports.

The main sell for the commission, according to Schmieder is what the Black Hills have to offer.

“I think the the non sports assets you have are almost unmatchable, and so I think instead of selling the fields, we might want to sell the experience, right and the destination itself,” Schmieder said.

The commission is still getting off the ground, but it’s facing major questions, including how it will be structured and how it will be financed.

Sports Commission 4

Another big question is if the area has adequate sports facilities or if new ones will need to be built.

Brook Kaufman, the  CEO of Visit Rapid City says that the areas of facilities as well as the destination aspects will go a long way in determining if the commission can make a difference.

“We are typically a drive market,” Kaufman said. “We do have some great airline lift, but we’re going to have to look at do we have enough to draw really regional or national events in that capacity?”

Kaufman says the goal is to hire an executive director and an event servicer in the fall, with more announcements and plans to come in September.

If you would like to get involved with the commission, contact Kaufman or Visit Rapid City by clicking here.

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