Sports Betting’s first Super Bowl in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D.- An exciting football season was made extra interesting with the onset of sports wagering in Deadwood. Sunday’s big game was the first Super Bowl with legal sports betting opportunities for the town and its casinos.

“We have seen an influx of people coming in and wanting to place their bets on for Super Bowl. This is one of the first sporting events that we’re able to actually offer prop betting,” explains Riann Reurink, Marketing Manager at Tin Lizzie. “So prop bets can be anything like flipping heads or tails on the game, how long the National Anthem is gonna go, what color the Gatorade is going to be when they douse their coach after they win.”

For those who wanted to place bets on the game, experts were ready to offer their two cents. “You’re able to actually go to our live betting window, and have a conversation with our sports betting pros. They know the odds, they know the teams ins and outs, and they’re able to have a conversation with you. And it gets you really excited because you’re also really informed,” Reurink adds.

Cadillac Jack's Sports BettingIt’s a learning process for everyone, made more exciting by involving America’s favorite pastime. “It’s a really fun and entertaining way to enjoy the football game, whether it’s the Super Bowl or any games throughout the year, for a very nominal bet you can get 3 of 4 hours of enjoyment from that,” says Tim Atyeo, Casino Manager at Cadillac Jack’s.

Though Deadwood has started to become a sports betting destination, those who visit for traditional gambling are also getting drawn in. “The people who have come to bet on sports might not play typical other games in the casino like Slots or Blackjack. It’s definitely people who have more of an interest in sports but also the players that are already here, they’ve developed more of an interest in betting on sports as well,” Atyeo adds.

The focus now shifts to college basketball and March Madness. “For the first two days we’ll have an event and then for the Final Four and then for the championship we’ll have larger events like this as well,” Reurink says. But, win or lose, it’s all about having fun. 

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