Spirit of Liberty Foundation holds first “Celebrate America” event at Mount Rushmore

MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL, S.D. —  The Spirit of Liberty Foundation chose Mount Rushmore for the first of five “Celebrate America” events.

Img 5371The nonprofit honors what it calls the “birth certificate of the nation” – the Declaration of Independence.

NewsCenter1’s Darsha Nelson was at Mount Rushmore early Monday morning, as they marked the Fourth of July holiday with readings from first responders and girl scouts, along with presentations by presidential reenactors and veterans.

Watch the video above for the full story. Here’s an excerpt:

“Everything we do to the men and women in our armed forces, active duty, and veterans who we always refer to as America’s real heroes. Over the last few years, we’ve added first responders, because they are the people that keep us safe in the homeland,” says Richard Rovsek, chairman of the Spirit of Liberty Foundation. “In the last two years, we’ve added doctors and nurses and medical professionals, because they’re today’s greatest generation. For nearly two years, they fought in the trenches against an evil, evil, evil enemy – the COVID.”

Grace Payton of Girl Scout Troop #76318, says, “The reading of the Constitution and the honoring of the Declaration is just…it’s very empowering and brings a tear to the eye. It’s very empowering to be here. It’s very hard to the heart just to know there are so many people working hard for us.”

“I spent 22 years in the army defending that one document that today represents. So it’s a huge honor to be a part of the organization, to include the veterans of foreign wars, and Rapid, and things like that,” says Catherine Pyka, SFC U.S. Army (ret.).

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