Specialized dog teams to resume search for Serenity on Friday

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — Crews will resume the search for Serenity Dennard on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11.

Six specialized dog teams will be assisting, with each team accompanied by at least three people. Around 25-30 people will be involved in the effort.

The dog teams are from South Dakota and Colorado and will be covering a two-mile radius around the Black Hills Children’s Home.

Photo courtesy of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

New details were recently released about how much progress crews have been making in the search.

According to Sheriff Kevin Thom, dog teams have identified cadaver scent in the area, leading personnel to focus their search around the Children’s Home and Teepee Gulch Road.

Thom says progress has been slowed due to inclement weather, which makes it harder for crews to work and for the dogs to pick up scent.

“When it comes to a cadaver dog, you need decomposition to happen, so there’s scent in the air. Cold weather and rain suppresses that so it makes it more difficult.”

Beyond the ground search, authorities continue to investigate other leads and have conducted hundreds of interviews and issued several search warrants.

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