Spearfish small businesses move forward together

Spearfish, S.D. — Small businesses in Spearfish like many in the Black Hills have felt the  impact of the pandemic over the past several months. Many store owners and employees, however, are pleasantly surprised about how well the tourist season really went. For businesses in Spearfish the motto rings true, it takes a village to raise a child but also grow a business.

Nonna’s Kitchen opened 43 days before COVID-19 became a widespread threat. Owner of Nonna’s Kitchen, Nancy Manzari, says it’s a way of life she feels has benefited the town of spearfish.

“Our community is a close community and we support each other. I feel like each and every business understands that we need to pull together and support each other and I think that is the difference.”

Tourism, like much of South Dakota, has also been a saving grace for the city of Spearfish. Visitors to Sturgis Rally and other parts of the Black Hills will often make a trip to the Northern Hills, bringing their business with them.

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