Spearfish Psychologist pens life guide book for thriving

It’s been said that life doesn’t come with a hand book, but maybe a psychologist and author in Spearfish has something to help on the journey with his recently published book: Pursuing the Good Life From Surviving to Thriving.

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Dr. Mark Britzman is a licensed psychologist and former professor who’s in the business of helping people develop a better vision for life for over 30 years.

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

Everybody faces life challenges at some point and a shift in your mindset can make a difference.

Dr. Mark J. Britzman, Licensed Psychologist at Black Hills Psychology, says, “Our minds tend to drift to the negative, there is a saying in our field, don’t believe everything you think – you know how can we modify or reframe things to be a little more positive.”

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

In his new book, Pursuing the Good Life From Surviving to Thriving, he touches on strategies to attain a more fulfilling life – like starting each day with gratitude and mindfulness.

Britzman says, “The candle of life is burning and if we only have this life, let’s do it better because we can always improve. You have to really set yourself up to have the best day possible.”

Choose to focus on the good and using your gifts to benefit others will give life more meaning, Britzman says, “Seize opportunities to help out and bring out the best in others.”

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

He mentions that finding joy in the life’s everyday routines and being presence in the moments will open up more opportunities for happiness.

“To differentiate the short term pleasures like mood alters, distractions and what are things that truly lead to sustained joy and happiness which typically – relationships, experiences, helping other people out doing the right thing even if it costs you more than you want to pay,” says Britzman.

He also advocates getting into nature to help clear the mind, and there are plentiful opportunities in the Black Hills.

Dr. Mark J. Britzman

Britzman adds, “I think anxieties are typically about the what ifs, what if this happens and what is the next worst thing that is right around the corner, and sometimes we go backwards…like the if onlys and the regrets and that is kind of the recipe for depression and so we talk about mindfulness which is being fully aware of the present moment and opening up are senses and you know the Black Hills can do that.”

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