Spearfish City Council to pass public safety ordinance

SPEARFISH, S.D. — On Wednesday the Spearfish City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance regarding public safety.

The council is on the verge of taking emergency action that will prohibit on-site services for restaurants, bars, and other food distributors. In an effort to slow community spread of COVID-19, city leaders in Spearfish decided to take the next steps toward shutting down food businesses and recreation centers in the area. If passed, restaurants and similar business will only be able to work via delivery, pickup, and curbside services.

Pam Jacobs, spearfish city council member for ward 3, said “In order to keep the social distancing and the COVID-19 from as much as it has over on the other side of the state, we felt this was the best decision and the best voice for our community it self.”

Retail stores will still be open, but many are choosing to limit the amount of customers that can come in at one time. Among the recreation centers effected are bowling alleys, gyms, theaters, and several others. As the city prepares for a possible shutdown, business are already transitioning to pickup and drop-off system for food and beverages.

Jon Marek, general manager for Spearfish Brewing Company, said “I absolutely think they made the right choice it’s a difficult decision to make for the local economy, it’s going to be a challenge for businesses to make it through these hard times right now, but the city has to do the right thing.”

If passed the ordinance will be in affect from April 1 to April 15.

Pam Jacobs said “We want, we want to be able to preserve you know the health and safety of our citizens”

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