Space telescope’s image of star gets photobombed by galaxies

Nasa Webb Space Telescope

This image made available by NASA on Wednesday, March 16, 2022 shows star 2MASS J17554042+6551277 used to align the mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope, with galaxies and stars surrounding it. The hexagonal shape of Webb’s mirrors and its filters made the shimmering star look more red and spiky. The first science images aren’t expected until late June or early July. (NASA/STScI via AP)

NASA’s new space telescope is showing perfect vision, with a spiky image of a faraway star that was photobombed by thousands of ancient galaxies.

The test image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shows a single star, but the real stars of the show were thousands of ancient galaxies in the background.

NASA’s photo release Wednesday isn’t about what’s in the picture, but to show that the new $10 billion telescope is working perfectly, even better than officials expected.

Scientists say 18 hexagonal mirrors had to fit just right in place. And all this is happening 1 million miles away from Earth.

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