Southwest Middle School gives back in kindness during Giving Tuesday.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Giving Tuesday inspired many people to donate to local charities and organizations. Southwest Middle School decided they would give through kindness, and a partnership with a local sponsor and Live Like Lilli Foundation.

The foundation proposed that Rapid City Area Schools District dedicate this Tuesday, Giving Tuesday, as a Day of Kindness. During the day, students documented acts of kindness. For each recorded act, the corporate sponsor of that school would donate a dollar.

Southwest Middle stuck sticky notes to the windows with acts of kindness written on them. They also held a toy drive in the morning for Toys for Tots.

“I think it’s just a reminder that they can make a difference,” said Southwest Middle School Principal Lindsey Ruml. “And when they see those hundreds of sticky notes it’s those little things everyday they do that add up and they do mean a lot.”

Live Like Lilli has worked with Southwest Middle School for two years now for this event. Thanks to the foundation, corporate sponsor Black Hills Pediatric Dentistry will be donating to the chosen local food bank.

Lilli Nehring was a student at Southwest Middle School. After her passing, Live Like Lilli foundation was established in her honor to provide opportunities to kids in the community. Her legacy, “See Good, Do Good, Share Good,” lives on in events such as Day of Kindness celebrated at her former school.

Before the day was out, Ruml believed that with Toys for Tots donations and acts of kindness her school had raised somewhere between $500 to $600.

Throughout the Rapid City Area Schools District acts of kindness are being tallied up so that local non-profits can receive donations.

“So, kindness is not really a personality, it’s like a mood,” says Southwest Middle School student, Carter Ruml. “You can choose to do it or choose not to do it. I encourage that everyone should be kind to other people. It has a big influence on someone’s life if you be kind to them everyday.”

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