South Dakota’s first sportsbook to open the day after Thanksgiving 2021 in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Keating Resources, a real estate investment company, purchased the historic Deadwood building that previously housed Deadwood Dick’s back in early December. Now, the company has announced that South Dakota’s first sportsbook will open there the day after Thanksgiving 2021, aptly named “Sportsbook Deadwood.”

Gerard Keating, CEO of Keating Resources, said their goal is to deliver the best live sporting viewing experience in the gaming industry, and have employed top design professionals in the process. The focus will be on all sporting events enjoyed by both men and women; Keating says he believes the gaming industry has overlooked women.

“South Dakota is the state to enjoy if you like freedom and is now on the radar of the people worldwide. It is the first inning of opportunity. East Coast and West Coast states are now fly-over states.”

The City of Deadwood approved the last available liquor license for the facility on February 16. Keating said that the company is in discussions with several known, experienced gaming operators to operate the venue.

Deadwood Dicks

photo courtesy: Deadwood Chamber of Commerce, via web

The building totals 35,000 square feet on five levels. Restoration of the structure will include 7,000 square feet of entertainment areas, a 75-seat outdoor courtyard, 30 extended-stay hotel suites, a meeting room with seating for 150, and a day spa.  The 7,000 square feet of entertainment space is set to include over 50 4K, high definition TVs, more than 100 custom-designed recliners, interactive gaming, and food and beverage service.

As part of the restoration project, Keating Resources also volunteered to pay and upgrade the adjacent public plaza that holds the bust of Wild Bill Hickcok, sculpted by Korczack Ziolkowski in 1951.

Legal betting on sports events is expected to pass the State Legislature by March 8 and become effective July 1. The sports betting amendment was passed by a majority of voters back in November.

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