South Dakotan native writes a children’s book about being different


RAPID CITY, S.D. – South Dakota native, Krista Kay, is used to being a head above the rest given the fact that she stands at just under six and a half feet tall and now she wants to use her experience to help kids accept their differences.

Krista learned how to use laughter as a coping mechanism as a child because she was always taller than everyone else. After appearing on TLC’s “My Giant Life” and doing stand-up comedy, she has written a book titled “A Head Above the Rest” that’s meant to teach kids it’s okay to be different.

“I just think it’s a good book for kids because I guess I reflect on me growi ng up. And I grew up in a really small town in South Dakota in Mobridge where I kind of felt alone. So, I kind of think it’s something to help people not feel like they’re alone. If a tall kid or any kid that’s different reads that book, it’s like okay, even if it’s just illustrated there, that they don’t feel alone.”

Her book is based on a young, tall giraffe named Grace who finds her height to be a challenge. So with the help of some other animal friends she learns how to love herself for the things that make her special. “My book was designed to kind of put a shield up against bullying. And kind of own exactly who you are because we all have insecurities and being taller than everyone, especially as a female was definitely mine growing up. So, basically the last sentence kind of sums it up in the book. That is, when you learn to love yourself, you can be ahead above the rest no matter how tall you are,” said Krista.

Here’s the link to Krista’s Facebook page and the link to find her book on Amazon.


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