South Dakota Universities go back to normal operations in the fall

Pandemic life for many students started with strictly online class to this Fall, when many went to a hybrid mix of online and in person with precaution. Next year, life should be going back to normal for South Dakota Universities.

The typical college experience often times involves celebrating traditions and socializing but instead has been lack luster in school spirit due to minimal attendance.

Bhsu Classroom

Organizations were forced to meet online when in person interactions were expected in the years leading up to college. There is no question that the pandemic came with many challenges for students, like zoom fatigue.

Shelby Guthrie, SDSM&T Student, Senior, says, “I think a lot of students have experienced, if all your classes are online, you are just bombarded with zoom meetings, and then if your activities are also on zoom, sometimes just sitting stagnant at your desk or study area just feels overwhelming sometimes.”

Bhsu Campus

The South Dakota Board of Regents announced that all South Dakota public universities are returning to normal in the Fall of 2021, including School of Mines and BHSU.

The decrease in COVID cases and the availability of vaccinations are making going back to normal college life a possibility.

Sdsmt Campus

Lance Robert, Provost & VP Academics Affairs, says, “You know as the vaccinations roll out, as the cases decrease and as we roll into the summer that returning back to normal in the fall made a lot of sense.”

Students look forward to missed human interactions with classmates.

Rosalie Dawley, SDSM&T Senior Student, says, “If I was coming back, I would be really excited to see those people again you know that I see in those 10 minutes between class or just sitting in Surbeck, our Student Union – like those little interactions are something that is so exciting that is going to be back.”

Mines and BHSU plan to offer regular in-person classes, a full athletics schedule and student activities – bringing a spark of life back to campus.

Sdsmt Statue

Dr. Laurie Nichols, BHSU President, says, “I’m excited that in the fall we can really offer them the full campus experience, the full academic experience, the full college experience. And that’s really what they would expect to encounter when to a University will be exactly what we can offer to them.”

Universities will continue to adhere to the recommendations from the Dept. of Health as deemed safe.

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