South Dakota ranks top in the country for best neighbors


RAPID CITY S.D. – In a recent survey by ranking states by best and worst neighbors, South Dakota ranked at the top of the list for best neighbors.

To compile the list, they surveyed over 1,000 Americans in all 50 states. They asked a variety of questions covering topics that would make a good or a bad neighbor.

Categories in what make a good neighbor include:

  • Hoarding, non-yard items such as cars or couches being used as yard decorations.
  • Whether or not you know your neighbors name, a 2015 study found that as much as a third of Americans have never even met their neighbors.
  • Neighbors who have pesky pets, which includes: not cleaning up their waste, digging holes in yards, or being kept awake by neighbors pets. 79 percent of respondents have neighbors who do not clean up their pets waste.

There is a breakdown in the sense of community among people who live in close proximity, respondents in South Dakota, Vermont, and Rhode Island all tied for having the highest opinions about their neighbor; While Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kansas ranked among the worst.

Overall, respondents indicate they have lukewarm feelings about the people they live around. There was not a high percentage that “love” their neighbors, and thankfully, absolute hatred was the lowest ranking response.

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