South Dakota ranks #9 in the nation for population growth

After the most recent census numbers were released.

RAPID CITY, S.D. – South Dakota ranks #9 in population growth after the most recent census numbers were released.

Author and economist, Jonathan Williams with The American Legislative Exchange Council aka “ALEC”, was speaking at Hotel Alex Johnson Saturday morning to discuss why our state ranks in the Top 10 in the U.S. based on how competitive they are for population growth.

Williams says South Dakota has a lot to offer and maybe can help share some ideas with the rest of the country. “I think the formula of low taxes and avoiding income taxes and keeping it generally pro-business environment across the state has certainly served you well. I’m mean look at the unemployment numbers for June. Under 3% unemployment in South Dakota. The third best in the country right now and if you look at the states that are doing best — they have the lowest unemployment rates and the most jobs available for individuals looking to go back into the workforce their generally the states that rank well in our index for being the most free market when it comes to their policy environment,” said Williams. 

He also thinks America would be better off if it was more like South Dakota and less like some of the other states that are struggling. “Well you know I would love to learn more about the huge success of Rapid City specifically with the in-migration, what draws people here what are the cultural factors, what are the economic development factors and then overall talk about the policy environment. You know statewide policy is what we mostly focus on and so how low taxes and especially in South Dakota’s case avoiding what we think are some of the most damaging taxes — taxes on personal income and taxes on business income — and South Dakota of course avoids both.”

Williams is hoping to take back some good ideas from that meeting and share them with other states and Washington.

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