South Dakota Municipal League endorses ballot measure for Medicaid expansion

AllenderRAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota Municipal League has endorsed a ballot measure that could expand health coverage to Medicaid patients.

The measure, set to appear on the ballot in November, would make Medicaid insurance available to South Dakotans who live 133 percent below the federal poverty level. Recently the South Dakota Municipal League, which is an organization of municipalities across the state, has endorsed the measure.

Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender, president on the municipal leagues, says the measure will not only help cover uninsured South Dakotans, but also with the trickle-down cost.

“That would mean more paid medical bills and that would mean that those cost currently of unpaid medical bills wouldn’t have to be divided amongst the other patients who are insured or do pay their medical bills,” said Mayor Allender.

According to Mayor Allender, Medicaid expansion would return hundreds of millions of tax dollars to the state.

That money, he says, could be used to help keep rural hospitals open and improve health care in many communities around the state.

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