South Dakota Mines unveils new brand

RAPID CITY, S.D. — South Dakota Mines has unveiled a new rebranding effort, which includes changing the length of the official university name and the logo itself.

University officials began the process of rebranding more than year ago, including in the process about 1,200 students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and community members who took part in surveys and face-to-face discovery sessions.

According to a video released on the school’s YouTube page, the old M logo failed to accurately convey the value of South Dakota Mines to the world. It was often confused with logos belonging to other universities.

A prime example – when President Jim Rankin traveled wearing the M logo lapel pin on his jacket, people commented “Go Blue” in reference to the University of Michigan.

The new logo is a contemporary re-imagining of the classic M and is inspired by the transformational story behind South Dakota Mines from a mining school to a one of the nation’s leading engineering, science and technology universities. Borrowing the historic black lettering of the university’s official seal, the new mark conveys what the school describes as “a sense of calculated movement, with lines that transition from thick to thin, and precise notched corners that evoke a sense of progressive curiosity”.

South Dakota Mines 2020 Brand

The full university name, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, has been shortened to various nicknames throughout the years – Tech, School of Mines, SMD, SDSM&T and various other versions.

The university will retain its full name, part of which is in the state constitution of South Dakota. But, all university communication in the future will refer to the institution by the name South Dakota Mines. The name South Dakota Mines will often be accompanied with the tagline “An engineering, science and technology university.” This paints a more complete picture of the institution as a whole.

In the past 135 years, South Dakota Mines has grown from a 19th century mining school to an engineering, science and technology university. This new brand will help South Dakota Mines continue to push the frontiers of science and engineering for years to come.

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