South Dakota man sues wife’s lover over alleged affair

CANTON, S.D. (AP) — A South Dakota man is suing his wife’s lover, alleging that he stole her affection and destroyed his marriage.

Todd Larson says in his lawsuit filed in Lincoln County that Anthony Olson alienated his wife’s affections “maliciously and with a wanton disregard of his feelings and with the intent to injure,” the Argus Leader reported. He says he and his wife were married in July 2005 and that Olson acquired an “improper and undue influence” over his wife last summer.

Larson says Olson’s actions destroyed his family life, dishonored his family and made his home “desolate and ruined.” He is seeking a jury trial and punitive damages.

Olson has denied the allegations and asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

South Dakota is one of a handful of states that have an alienation of affection law, which allows a spouse to sue their spouse’s lover over an affair that ruined a relationship.

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