South Dakota Kids Belong hosts gala after opening Rapid City branch

South Dakota Kids BelongOn October 22, South Dakota Kids Belong hosted a gala to raise awareness of foster care needs in Rapid City.

South Dakota Kids Belong, an extension of America Kids Belong, recently opened a new branch in Rapid City where they hope to create positive outcomes for children in foster care.

SDKB combines resources from businesses, faith organizations and government organizations to help support children in need of homes.

Catlin Young, the community catalyst in Pennington County, shared a few ways members of the community can help children in need.

“Not everyone can foster or adopt, but they all can do something,” said Young. “If you’re a business owner, you can be foster friendly. If you’re in your church, you can let your pastor know. Or if you’re a pastor, pastoral leader or a community faith leader, like, Hey, you can do something. And so, when we have that collective impact, the kids are affected. There’s an African proverb that we kind of say In America Kids Belong— when the elephants fight, the grass suffers. And so, when we get everyone working together in the same direction, for one cause, the children, are helped, they’re seen- they prosper.”

For more information about South Dakota Kids Belong, visit their website here.

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