South Dakota House works on district maps Tuesday

PIERRE, S.D. — After working all day Tuesday to come up with a re-drawing of the state’s legislative district map on which House members could agree, and was likely to win senate approval, when an unexpected turn occurred during the evening.

House Republicans were caucusing to reach an agreement on the map when the Majority Leader, Kent Peterson of Salem, suffered what has been termed a “Medical episode” and was taken to the hospital.

Work on the House map was suspended for the evening and Republicans will caucus again at 8:30 a.m.

The main challenge throughout the day was making sure the legislature retained control of the process.

“Well, our main goal is to keep it out of the South Dakota Supreme Court,” said Rep. Mike Derby. “That was the big deal that we were trying to do. We still got a little bit of work to do. We’ve got a committee to go through to get it approved, go to the house floor, get it approved on the house, send it back to the senate with no amendments so there’s no conference committee and we’ll be done.”

Due to population growth and shifts over the past decade, Sioux Falls picks up an additional district. And because the number of districts is capped at 35, that means a more rural area will lose a district.

This story is still developing and NewsCenter1 will have the latest updates when the become available.

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