South Dakota Governor Noem says her phone has been hacked

PIERRE, S.D. – On Monday, Governor Kristi Noem’s office addressed the release of her family’s personal Social Security numbers and other private information by the January 6th Committee. Governor Noem alleges that her personal cell phone has been hacked and was used to make hoax calls.

“Callous mishandling of personal information has real world consequences,” said Governor Noem. “If you get such a phone call from my number, know that I had no involvement. I have urged both the United States Attorney General and multiple congressional committees to investigate the leaking of my family’s personal information, and I look forward to whatever resolution they can provide.”

The South Dakota Fusion Center has been notified of this breach. The South Dakota Fusion Center is a partnership between the South Dakota Department of Public Safety and the State Office of Homeland Security. To find out more about the South Dakota Fusion Center visit their website here.


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