South Dakota conceal carry law goes into effect

RAPID CITY S.D. — Starting on Monday, July 1, South Dakota’s new concealed carry law goes into effect. This means gun owners will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Some across the state have raised concerns that the new law would encourage people who would otherwise fail a background check to conceal carry. But law enforcement in Box Elder says people still have to meet a certain criteria to receive a permit.

“The people that didn’t meet the permit are still not going to be able to carry under the provisions of Constitutional Carry,” said Lt. Chris Misselt with the Box Elder Police Department.

Those with a criminal history of certain offenses are still forbidden from concealed carry. Convictions of murder, robbery, arson, child abuse and others all prohibit people from carrying a concealed weapon.

Gun owners still have the option to renew their Conceal Carry permit. Having one can let people conceal carry across some state lines.

And when it comes to buying firearms, experts say not much will change.

“It’ll still be kind of the same way that it’s been,” said Mark Blote, the owner of First Stop Gun and Coin in downtown Rapid City. “You’ll come out and fill out a form 44-73, we’ll call in the background check, get you checked out.”

And as the new law takes effect, law enforcement also says that they’ll treat people like they always have.

“Officers will look for the permits for someone that is concealed carrying and for someone that doesn’t have a permit, we’re still going to look for the indicators that they may be a prohibited party,” said Lt. Misselt.

South Dakota now becomes the 14th state in the country to not require a permit for conceal carry.

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