South Dakota colleges can now ferment wine and beer on campus

RAPID CITY, S.D. – South Dakota colleges are now allowed to produce beer and wine for learning purposes. The bill was passed on Monday.

Prior to the initial ban on distilling and fermenting, there was a Fermentation Club at the School of Mines. The club would learn, experiment, and take trips to beer and wine production centers. Once the ban was placed, the club discontinued, but now plans to pick back up.

Fermentation is a scientific process. It’s used not only for making alcohol but also in making medicine and resources such as ethanol.

“Introducing students to that kind of microbiology in those processes on the level that we do understand very well as far as beer and wine are concerned, it really opens those doors to allow further exploration of that,” says former club member, Justin Hoff.

In addition to being able to produce beer and wine, colleges will also be allowed to store up to 200-gallons of the substances.


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