South Dakota Attorney General visits Rapid City

Discusses hemp, drug addiction, and statewide scamming

RAPID CITY, S.D. – South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was in Rapid City Thursday morning for a Republican Women Conference. He touched on the latest projects happening within the political sector.

Photo Courtesy of the South Dakota Attorney General

Among the topics were addiction treatment, statewide scams, and hemp.

Throughout the state, meth is an epidemic and leadership hopes to find a solution. Although meth is booming, drug addiction, in general, has been a key issue that state officials want to abolish.

Along with that, scam calls were discussed at the conference. With recent flooding around the state, people are posing as emergency assistance workers. People affected by the floods may be in a vulnerable place and fall for the scam. Officials want to make residents aware or the resent fraudulent activity.

Possibly the biggest issue of the event was CBD products and hemp. The debate on legalization of these products has been a hot topic in South Dakota as of recently.

Ravnsborg says the use of CBD products is illegal in the state and should be charged as so.

“I want people to be safe no matter what product they’re using and so it’s not really a choice of what I want. It’s what the people want and they need to talk to their legislators and the governor. I will enforce the law, whatever the law is,” said Ravnsborg. 

Governor Kristi Noem vetoed a hemp production bill last month but says legalization is a possibility in the future.

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