South Dakota American Red Cross volunteers to help as Hurricane Florence makes landfall

Volunteers from the American Red Cross in the Black Hills area are offering their time and support to those on the East Coast as Hurricane Florence begins to cause devastation. Three emergency response vehicles and 20 volunteers have deployed from the Dakotas region, including two from Custer, who arrived at their destination in North Carolina on Thursday.

Many more volunteers are on stand-by as we continue to track this storm. The Red Cross says it has more than 2,000 disaster relief workers currently deployed to the region.

Richard Smith, The Executive Director of the American Red Cross for Central and Western South Dakota, says their volunteers are prepared to help in any way possible.

"When you get into a natural disaster, it’s organized chaos. All we’re trying to do is bring some stability to what’s happening there and to start getting people started in the recovery process. Our job is really all about taking care of those folks when they need it the most. Our volunteers really embrace it, and we really see that. We have great volunteers that go out and do that, and of course once they do that, of course, it’s in their blood, and they want to go back out and do that because you really get to have an impact right there at the scene of something that’s taking place and is significant in someone’s life."

Smith says that they’re always looking for volunteers and monetary donations so that they can be ready to help whenever *and wherever a disaster strikes. Donations will also be accepted over the phone by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or texting the word "FLORENCE" to 90999 to make a ten-dollar donation

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