Sound the alarm and check your smoke detectors

RAPID CITY, S.D. -It’s important to keep smoke alarms, in the right numbers and in the right places, up and running in our homes.

Be on alert and check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, not just twice a year but each month. It’s important for your family and home’s safety.

“You should have a smoke detector in every bedroom, in the hallways, outside the bedroom, and one on every floor,” said Chip Premus, Rapid City Chief Deputy Fire Marshal. “But what the smoke detector does is it protects your family, wakes them up during the night or alerts them during the day to leave the house.”

Statistically working smoke detectors in your home increase your chances of surviving a house fire by 60%.

“You should replace them if they’re more than ten years old, and if they’re old and yellow like this, it’s time to replace them. They don’t come like this. They’re usually white and shiny,” he said.

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Chip Premus, Rapid City Fire Department Chief Deputy Fire Marshal

“You also want to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. Every year we get multiple calls, many calls for carbon monoxide detector going off or somebody sick in a home,” added Chief Premus. “And we do actually have to haul them up to the hospital with the ambulance. What happens is your fuel fired appliance, which be natural gas, fuel or fuel oil start malfunctioning and the carbon monoxide goes in your house. And it’s odorless, colorless, colorless gas and makes you sick.”

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