Soo San Drive name change proposal

RAPID CITY, S.D. — All signs point to a name change, of sorts, for Soo San Drive in Rapid City.

Rapid City residents have proposed a spelling change for the road. Instead of the original Soo spelling, it would be changed to Sioux, the common spelling in the area. It would also be a respectful nod to the Native community.

“It appears like there’s some good reasons to do it,” said Ward 1 representative, Pat Jones. “This process allows it to come forward, to try to identify if there are any problems in doing it.”

The name change would affect the addresses of 11 households and business, and they’ve already been notified by mail. There has been no opposition.

One resident said they would prefer for things to remain the same, but was ultimately unbothered by the proposal.

The council will vote on the name change at Monday’s council meeting.

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