Sonic workers flee from large snake found behind fryer; Rattlesnakes; Keep a look out in the BH Area

SonicBRUNSWICK, G.A. (AP) — Workers in a Sonic fast-food kitchen fled after discovering an intruder hiding behind the deep fryer.

Brunswick police Lt. Matthew Wilson says employees of the Sonic drive-in were huddled in the parking lot when he arrived to apprehend the culprit described as brown with diamonds on its back.

Wilson said one look was all it took to realize the intruder was a non-venomous ball python rather than a rattlesnake.

The police lieutenant found the large snake a new home with a friend.

He suspects the python was likely a pet turned loose by its former owner, and that it probably slithered into Sonic through an open back door.

Although this was a python in Georgia, rattlesnakes in the Black Hills area are a real threat. Learn what to look for and what to do if your pet is bitten. Read more here.

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