Someone put soap in the Roosevelt Swim Center hot tub

Rec Center Hot Tub

Photo courtesy of Rapid City Aquatics Facebook.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Aquatics Division said Friday that someone put soap or shampoo into the Roosevelt Swim Center hot tub. After reviewing the footage they found out it was not a prank, but someone adding a solution to the water to accommodate for their sensitive skin.

Adding any other chemicals to the water is prohibited as it wrecks the facility’s filter system, according to city and pool officials. In a Facebook post from the Rapid City Aquatics, the swim center drains the hot tub twice a week and fills it with fresh water several times a week.

Officials have spoken to the person responsible and say anyone with sensitive skin should stay out of the hot tub.

“Pool areas are carefully monitored. we have Certified Pool Operators that carefully monitor the temperature, the chemical composition of our pools and hot tubs,” Communications Coordinator for the City of Rapid City Darrell Shoemaker said. “So we want to try and prevent any other outside agents getting in. And it can have a dramatic impact on our filtration systems. Luckily this incident did not cause any damage to our filtration system.”

As of September 19, the hot tub was fully operational and in use by poolgoers. Signs have been added to not add any foreign solutions to the water to prevent an incident like this from happening.


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