Some vendors change operations due to COVID-19

STURGIS, S.D. — Thousands of people flooded the streets for the largest motorcycle rally in the country.

On day three of the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it appears that coronavirus doesn’t phase many of the guests. Hundreds of people walked around without masks.

Although guests appeared unbothered by the health crisis at hand, some vendors went out of their way to ensure that operations were safe.

New this year, a carnival-style vendor, RCS. RCS brought in rides, games, and fair food.

“Lots of hand sanitizing stations out, we’ve got our social distancing decals and posters up. You know wiping down handrails, lap bars, that sort of thing,” says RCS Vice President, Chris Lopez.

The carnival coming from California, where these events are still not permitted. Lopez shared that the number of Rally-goers is fewer this year, but it’s still business that they wouldn’t have back home.

“If 250,000 people is considered a low attendance, we’re going to take it. We are very fortunate to be here,” Lopez said.

Lots of vendors at the Rally specialize in parts and bodywork, so those selling and installing parts are taking a different approach to social distancing.

“We’ve closed off our exhibit underneath our awning to folks that are coming up on the lot,” said Judd Hollifield, the CEO of Rinehart Racing. “So, the only way people would be allowed in our area would be if they’re actually purchasing product.”

He also adds that some of his employees couldn’t make it this year because of pre-existing conditions and overall concern for their health.

“We did make it an option considering everything that’s going on, we wanted to be very mindful of our employees’ health and didn’t want to put anybody in jeopardy,” Hollifield shares.

Some vendors state that they aren’t changing anything this year, because they don’t see COVID-19 as a legitimate threat.

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