Some things to “paws” and think about before bringing home a new companion on National Puppy Day

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Are you planning on adopting a puppy on “National Puppy Day” this year?

Humane Society Of The Black HillsYou might want to do some research before making such a big decision. Puppies are definitely cute and adorable, but come with a lot of energy and responsibilities.

If adopting from a shelter, new owners should take into account where their new pet is coming from to help the animal adjust to its new surroundings.

Researching breeds is another important step, as characteristics like temperament and size could affect homeowners’ decisions.

“Thinking about what breed is right for your home or your family is really important too, because they may be small now, but they could grow to be very, very large,” Volunteer Coordinator for the Humane Society of the Black Hills Caitlin Ausmann said. “So if you rent the property you are living at, you want to think about what’s allowed here and what’s a good fit for my family as this animal gets older.”

Ausmann also recommends looking into the community for help with raising a new puppy.

“Working with a dog trainer in your area is a really good idea,” she said. “Here in our area we have a lot of local businesses that are able to help with puppies especially. So that’s a good thing for new pet owners to check out.”

For more information on giving a “fur-ever” home to puppies of all shapes, sizes, and breeds or any of the animals in their care, check out the Humane Society of the Black Hills adoption pages, where they keep updated lists of all of the animals available for adoption.

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