Solid Waste Division issues a “yard waste” compost advisory

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Many Rapid City residents use compost on their lawns and gardens.

The city’s solid waste division is issuing a “yard waste” compost advisory, due to recent findings.

After a customer experienced issues with their compost, the solid waste division set out to investigate the root of the problem.

Herbicides, specifically weed killer, was found in the compost, which in turn can hinder the compost from doing its job.

The contaminated compost creates an unhealthy environment for certain plants and vegetables. These herbicides can completely kill a garden and certain plants.

Although several herbicides were detected, the one of concern is Clopyralid. Clopyralid has a half-life of two years, which can be detrimental to the compost pile, if not taken care of.

While the herbicides detected are harmful to the compost pile and certain plants, they are only mildly toxic to both people and pets.

“So, they have the option whether they want to use it or not, and on what they want to use it and that it doesn’t hinder them in the long run,” says Jeff Barber, the Solid Waste Superintendent.

The Solid Waste Division has sold nearly 42-hundred tons of compost year-to-date.

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