Snowmobile season underway with trails open for business

LEAD, S.D. — Winter is rolling in which means winter sports are in full swing. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks officially opened snowmobiling trails around the state on Sunday.

At the beginning of the season we are expecting snow conditions to vary, but the snow trails are thoroughly maintained. Trail management and snowmobile rental businesses encourage people riding a snowmobile to use trail maps and monitor weather conditions before going out.

Braedon Peterson, owner of Mad Mountain Adventures said, “The biggest safety things for us is definitely helmets, protective gear, as far as anything else it’s just like, if you do anything else like a jet ski it’s really similar to that whole leaning concept. These snowmobiles right here are made specifically for the trail so if you did get off the trail in too much snow you are probably going to sink down and get stuck.”

You can find maps at a number of businesses along the trails, and if you are stuck on the trails you may be able to free yourself without needing rescue.

“If you are stuck hopefully you are with a group. A good way to get unstuck is to have someone on the snowmobile and have someone pull on the ski — that is probably the easiest way.”

A snowmobile motorcycle pass is also available for $20 for residents that use a motorcycle kit.


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