Snow, snow, and more snow! Here’s your forecast for this week!


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s check out what the weather will be like as we head into the first full week of March!

Temperature trends: 

On the bright side, temperatures will be fairly consistent throughout the week. On the downside, the temperatures will be constantly below average.

Will we get any precipitation?

For sure. A very active pattern will bring several rounds of accumulating snow to the area pretty much every day this week. Tuesday and Thursday look like they will be the snowiest days of the week, with several inches of accumulation on each of those days. By the end of the week, most areas will have over six inches of snow accumulation, some areas could see over a foot. But, we could end up with a lot more. The main system coming through on Thursday is still over the ocean. It is expected to move over land on Tuesday, and it won’t be until then that we would be able to get a belter idea of what will actually happen. So for now, prepare for well over a foot of snow, especially if you’re a rancher, because it is a possibility at this moment. While march may be the start of meteorological spring, it is also our snowiest month. We’ll make sure to keep you updated as details become more clear.

Will it be windy?

Surprisingly, it won’t be too bad. Thursday and Friday will be on the breezy side, but other than that, the wind won’t be too bad. Though with temperatures dropping into the 20’s, the snow will be on the dryer and fluffier side, which means that it won’t take a lot of wind to reduce the visibility. Regardless of how windy it is, we are likely to experience periods of heavy snowfall, which will significantly reduce visibility, especially at night.

What should I wear?

Break out your winter gear again. It won’t be terribly cold, but there will be a good amount of snow.

Weekend forecast:

The snow should finally begin to clear up on Saturday night going into Sunday. So, with the temperatures staying below freezing, it might not be a bad time to get out and enjoy the snow before it turns into a slushy mess!

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