Snow removal in Rapid City continues through the night

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Crews plan to continue snow clearing operations through the evening, clearing main lines of travel before branching out to residential areas.

As the weather began to turn, early afternoon crews with Rapid City’s street division started treating roads with de-icing product, later in the day operations switched to plowing. Plowing operations were aggressive through the night, but were complicated by last night’s high winds.

Rapid City Communications Coordinator, Darrell Shoemaker, said “We also emphasized the school routes early this morning. At the time they were going to have a two hour late start so we were kind of working around the school areas. Then a lot of those areas were getting packed back in with the winds if you will, so we kind of had to retrace our steps there.”

Clearing polling areas was also a priority Tuesday with the school bond vote taking place.

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