Snow potential looms mid-week: Winter returns by Wednesday evening

A warm and Spring-like start to the week will give way to the potential for high snow potential on Wednesday evening into Thursday

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  • A Nice, warm, and sunny two days are on tap for the Black Hills region, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s expected
  • We have *just* enough energy in the atmosphere that an afternoon thundershower will be possible!

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  • Right around 1-4 PM you can look our towards for the towering puffy cumulus clouds and find your isolated Thundershowers meandering their way across the area.
  • Most of us should see mostly sunny skies however, and will be able to enjoy them from a distance.

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  • The energy gets a little more of an uptick as we approach Tuesday, as showers and thundershowers push into the region from Montana and the northwest.
  • Northeaster Wyoming will get the first few rounds, before those conditions will spill into the South Dakota side of the area.

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  • Tuesday evening will feature scattered snow/rain showers and a blustery cold front, bringing cooler temperatures and breezy conditions to the area.
  • This pattern will continue going into Wednesday morning, where things will begin to pick up in intensity.

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  • Most of Wednesday will have scattered rain showers and cool conditions, but by Wednesday evening we are expecting relatively cold air air to sweep from the Northwest and drop temperatures into the freezing rain.
  • Moderate, to maybe even heavy accumulations will be possible Wednesday night into Thursday. Confidence is high that – at the very least we are expecting a large amount of moisture for a good portion of the region.

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  • By Early Thursday morning a full transition to snow will be expected.
  • Warm road surfaces will help keep things manageable at first, but we could be talking about 6+” inches of snow… so that won’t hold up for long if heavy snow is persistent.

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  • Several waves and bands of snow are expected through Thursday morning into Thursday afternoon.

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  • Finally, by Thursday evening, things look to be winding down with snow pushing off East and dry air pushing in
  • We are looking at temperatures possibly in the teens by Thursday evening.

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  • So far, snow potential looks solid. Notice we don’t have skinny little lines, and isolated pockets of accumulations. This is rather widespread… and is trending in the upwards direction so far. We’re still more than three days out… and we’ll know much more by Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

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Yup. It’s certainly Spring in the Black Hills. At least we get to mix things up with a few thundershowers today and tomorrow right? We were talking about this potential last week when a cut-off low pressure system got knocked off the polar vortex and was sent careening southwards. Thankfully, we got a few days notice on this one and have some time to watch it and make preperations if need be. I’ll be posting multiple discussions on this, so stay tuned! Be safe out there… and wash your hands! – Brant

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