Snow plows on our roadways

RAPID CITY- S.D. – We’re in the middle of another cold and snowy system that won’t really be letting up for at least a couple of days and the city says it’s working hard to keep our roadways clear. We spoke with city officials today and asked them about the procedure they follow when it comes to snow fall like we’ve been seeing throughout the day. Especially with snow expected to continue throughout the weekend, we asked, “what is the city doing to make our roads safe to drive on?”

“Our main focus has been on the main line areas, the emergency routes, the hills, some of the collector areas and we’ve been plowing so when we get to those intersections we’re plowing and then treating in behind the plows. So we have a crew of about 45 people that are engaged. That’s our regular crew, that’s our crew chief and that’s our mechanics,” said Darrell Shoemaker with the City. He says that when it comes to plowing residential areas, there has to be six inches of accumulated show before they’ll clear it.

When it comes to road conditions this weekend, the Street Superintendent will assess road conditions in town and check in with the National Weather Service to determine how roads will be cleared this weekend. Shoemaker also says that the City moves in heavy equipment to help reduce snow and ice build-up on the roads during the evening hours because that is a time of less volume traffic.

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